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Product Details
Gary Fong Lightsphere

Traveling with large light set ups will become a thing of the past. The Gary Fong PowerSnoot has been designed with portability in mind. This device will replace the need for cumbersome light modifiers and allow you to maximize the efficiency of your strobe but with more directional control. Mounted off camera, instead of filling a room with soft light, the parabolic reflective interior will allow you to focus light into the areas you want to highlight, and more importantly away from where you don't. Mounted on camera you now have tool for creating cutting edge special effects.

The PowerSnoot allows you to create "Fashion Style" photography, with a minimum amount of equipment. You become your own Master of Light.

The PowerSnoot mounts onto the flash unit with the same patent pending grip system as our Lightsphere Universal. It is so strong that it can support the entire weight of a camera, drive and flash securely.

You may click the photo to the right to download a copy of the Informational PowerSnoot Sheet that is provided with every purchase of the Lightsphere® Universal PowerSnoot.
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These photos were taken while using the Lightsphere® Universal PowerSnoot!


The Lightsphere Universal Powersnoot fits most flashes!

Achiever 260

Minolta 3500XI Pentax AF-540 FGZ Sony HVL-F32X
Bower 724AFC Minolta 5200 Promaster 5750-DX Sunpack 2000-DZ
Canon 299 Minolta 5400 Promaster 5900 Sunpack 266-D
Canon 380EX Nikon SB-24 Promaster FT-1700 Sunpack 355-AF
Canon 420EX Nikon SB-25 Promaster FTD-5200 Sunpack 4000-AF
Canon 420EZ Nikon SB-26 Promaster FTD-5400 Sunpack Auto 383
Canon 430EX Nikon SB-28 Promaster FTD-5500 Sunpack Auto 411
Canon 430EZ Nikon SB-28DX Promaster FTD-5600 Sunpack MZ-440AF
Canon 540EZ Nikon SB-50DX Promaster FTD-6500M Sunpack PZ-5000
Canon 540EZ Nikon SB-600 Promaster FTD-7500 Vivitar 273
Canon 550EX Nikon SB-800 Quantaray 6500A Vivitar 2800
Canon 580EX Nikon SB-900 Quantaray PZ1-DSZ Vivitar 3500
Canon 580EX MKII Nikon SB-80DX Quantaray ODC-900 Vivitar 5200
Contax TLA 2/3 Olympus FL-36 Quantaray ODC-900W Vivitar 550
DigiSlave DFS-1 Olympus FL-40 Quantaray OTB-7500A Vivitar 560D
Metz 36AF Olympus FL-50 Quantaray OTB-9500A Vivitar 600N
Metz 40MZ2 Olympus FL-60 Sakar 77-TFZ Vivitar 728-AF
Metz 44MZ2 Olympus G-40 Sigma 420 Vivitar 730-AF-PK
Metz 54AF-IC Pentax 330FTZ Sigma 430 Vivitar 840-AF
Metz 54MZ-4 Pentax AF-500 FTZ Soligor MZ-340AF Vivitar DF-200
If you have additions or corrections to this list, we'd love to hear from you - email us!

US Patent Pending

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